Forbes 30 Under 30 in Education…. is experience necessary?

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 5.41.40 PM

The Forbes 30 Under 30 editors published their list for Education today.

There are leaders in alternative certification programs, a multitude of app developers, and technology leaders in streamlining educations services.

As a teacher, this elicits the age old debate about whether education leaders should also have experience in the classroom. At the end of my four years as an undergraduate, I was incredibly tempted to apply straight to PhD programs in Education. Yet, every teacher and educational leader I know told me I had to teach if I wanted to have a career in education. It is undeniable that teaching is the most challenging pursuit I’ve undertaken. It’s challenging to write effective curricula, navigate classroom management, work all day only to begin your work, create effective relationships with fellow teachers and administrators when you operate on an island of isolation, and help students achieve amidst a virulent culture of standardized testing and degraded professional reputation. What responsibilities should proclaimed leaders in education have to spending time in a classroom?

What interests me most about looking at this list published by Forbes was that I’d only heard of a few of the people or products. This could be attributed to my own ignorance, despite the fact that I consider myself a voracious follower or education and ed. tech. To this end, I wonder what is the interplay between education revolutionists and the teaching workforce. How can we mitigate the fact that most of these products and services will never be known by teachers? Conversely, how can we promote teachers to be experiments and facilitators of change when we are expected to teach hundreds of standards in nine months?

I love learning, which is why I teach. Yet, my profession provides so little time to experiment and continue learning.

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