New TNReady + CCSS Lessons, Anchor Charts, Assessments, & Projects for Middle School ELA

I’ve added lots of new products in the last month that align with TNReady and Common Core State Standards. Below are a few of my favorites:


TNReady Middle Grades ELA Jeopardy Review for RI & Writing

Overview: As you are approaching your first set up benchmark assessments for the year, use a fun and interactive game to review. This game of Jeopardy includes 5 categories of questions (based on passages) with 25-aligned TNReady ELA questions for Middle School. Push student rigor, get students immediately ready for TNReady by giving them immediate exposure to questions, and make it FUN!
Functionality: This bundle comes with the Jeopardy PowerPoint and student answer materials with directions, Jeopardy points, and passages.

  • Jeopardy PPT with 30 Slides
  • Jeopardy Board w/ Hyperlinks to all 25 questions (in 5 categories)
    • Passages are included before question sets and are also in student materials
    • 5 categories that cover Reading Informational Texts and Writing standards aligned for Middle Grades TNReady test administered in April 2016.

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 9.27.08 PM

 Author’s Craft and Rhetorical Device Anchor Chart

Overview: Understanding author’s craft is the cornerstone of RI and W CCSS and TNReady standards. This is an anchor chart quick reference that can be blown up and posted in your room. It also serves as a one-page quick reference for students to use all year when analyzing authors craft and rhetorical devices.

  • 7 Rhetorical Devices Defined and Compared to a Tool
  • Purpose for each Rhetorical Device Clearly Explained
  • All 3 Sides of the Rhetorical Triangle Included & Labeled
  • Author’s Craft & Rhetorical Device Defined


Main Idea, Central Idea, and Rhetorical Triangle Intro. Lesson

Overview: This lesson will prepare students for the type of pre-writing and thinking they must do to write an analytical essay, which is exclusively what TNReady and Common Core ask students to do.

  • Mini-Lesson Introduction for Rhetorical Triangle
  • Graphic Organizer with sentence starters for central idea, rhetorical triangle, and text features
  • 3 lessons that will take 3-4 hours to complete in full
  • Work on it over the course of a week, teach in class and assign homework, or use as additional remediation for struggling students.

Slide1UN Summit on Social Issues 3-Week Project: RI, SL, W, Literacy Standards Spiraled & Covered

Overview: Have you considered using a project to spiral CCSS/ TNReady standards? This is a simulation-based project built to motivate, inspire, and push student rigor! This Common Core aligned project is appropriate for middle school students in grades 6-8. It takes approximately 3 weeks to complete, and most class time should be devoted to some aspect of the project. The standards are spiraled throughout the project; the goal of the project is to motivate students to master Writing, Speaking/Listening, and Reading Informational Text standards through a project-based learning experience that is driven by student choice and passion.
At the end of the project, students turn in/complete: 1. Written Component: Persuasive paper in which they argue why their social issue is the most important in the world & why their charity best solves the social issue. 2., PPT Presentation & In-Class Presentation: Students give a 2-3 minute speech to their class in the UN Summit on Social Issues. Their speech has the same argumentative aim as the paper. Students learn to create and use note cards for a speech & how to successfully integrate visual and multimedia aids into their projects.

Bundle Includes:

  • Ready to Print & Implement PBL Project for Grades 7, 8, 9
  • EVERY DOCUMENT you need & more are provided, grouped, organized in folders, and ready to print!
  • 41 documents & over 200 pages of lessons and class materials!

Slide1 Grammar Skills Formative Assessment

Overview: Use this 55-question Formative Skills-Based Assessment in grades 6-8 to determine which grammar skills need to be remediated and which students already know. Giving this assessment at the beginning of the year will maximize learning time. It’s critically important in the age of Common Core to have an immediate and complete understanding of your students’ grammar knowledge.

  • 55-Question Skills Assessment for Students as PDF & Word Files
  • Skills Assessment Answer Key as PDF & Word Files
  • Teacher Answer Key of Assessment & Teaching Notes in Microsoft Comments


Scoot Get to Know Students Game

Overview: Revamp how you get to know your students! Instead of giving students a questionnaire to fill out at their desk, get students up and moving to learn more about them. If the beginning of the year has passed by, and you don’t feel like you have connected to students or want to learn more about them, try Scoot! This is a silent game that has simple, clear rules and is easy to manage as a back to school activity.

  • Scoot Board with 24 Questions & Answer Stems (Provided as a PDF and Word Document)
  • Ready to Print Scoot Question Task Cards
  • Provided as a PDF and PPT in 3” by 5” format
  • Get to Know your Students
  • Questions are about students’ strengths/weaknesses, summer, past years, hobbies, and future goals.

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