Digital Citizenship Lessons

When I was in elementary school, students were eligible for monthly citizenship awards. Education about the constructs of a good citizen was commonplace. Today, education around Digital Citizenship is growing to combat the ever-present need for students to make positive choices when perusing and posting on the permanent inter webs. There are nine key elements of Digital Citizenship education and practice.



An interesting approach is to teach Digital Citizenship online. One possible platform to make this happen are Google Sites. With a Gmail account, you can create websites generated by Google that embed forms, polls, and other features available for free through a Google account. This is a great way to streamline content AND to help students build digital literacy competencies in the process.



This is an example of a Digital Citizenship lesson built on the Google Sites platform that embeds Google Forms for Stop and Jots and Exit Tickets. All this “data” auto populates in an Excel like spreadsheet that is easy to manipulate and grade from. 

Screen Shot 2014-12-26 at 6.44.04 PM


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