Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol Play Study


This is approximately a two-week study (can be stretched or compacted) of A Christmas Carol. We read an abridged version of A Christmas Carol in my classroom that included six key scenes.

The key focus is on analyzing the major components of a play, building historical context on Dickens and the Industrial Revolution, and understanding the evolution of theme through dynamic characters in the play. This is a Common Core aligned unit.



1. Dickens and A Christmas Carol Stations

Start with A Christmas Carol stations. Set students up in groups of 3 to 4. You will need computers or tablets to view videos associated with 3 of the stations.

The directions to be placed at each station are below as a Word Document.

Dickens & A Christmas Carol Stations

As students move through each of the stations, they should complete the questions below that address the content at each station (below).

Questions for Dickens Stations

Station rotations can last from 15-30 minutes depending on how long the teacher wants students to focus on group discussion.

2. Analyzing the Theme through Writing

Spend the day analyzing the theme in A Christmas Carol in a student-driven, writing heavy lesson. This lesson focuses on helping students develop an understanding of the central theme in the play. Students will make connections to Dickens’ life and the Industrial Revolution in analyzing the theme of the play.

Theme in A Christmas Carol Writing Prompts

3. Analyzing the Development of Dynamic Characters in A Christmas Carol

This lesson addresses how Scrooge acts as a dynamic character throughout the play. Understanding that Scrooge is a dynamic character allows students to unlock the theme of the play.

First, a detailed lesson plan is provided below.

A Christmas Carol Dynamic Characters Lesson Plan

The PPT below includes the hook to the lesson, which has students to break down the word dynamite to understand dynamic characters.

Dynamic Characters in A Christmas Carol PPT

The packet below should be distributed to students before the lesson. It includes a quotes bell ringer and all graphic organizers for students to complete over the course of the lesson.

Dynamic Character Development in A Christmas Carol




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