Back to School SCOOT >>> Engage Students & Get to Know Them

As we’re gearing up for another year, I’ve been thinking about how I can change my lessons in the first week of school to be more engaging for students, while still reinforcing management and practicing procedures for my classroom.

isDuring the first week of school, I aim to develop classroom community, get to know my students, present my policies/ procedures, practice procedures, reinforce the behaviors that are appropriate and inappropriate in my classroom, introduce myself to students, and invest students in reading/writing. These are no small tasks; they require deliberate planning and seamless execution. Perhaps this is why I spend more time planning my first few weeks of school that most other lessons I teach throughout the year.

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Back to School >> Lessons, Units, & More for Middle Grades ELA & TNReady

UntitledI hope you are enjoying your last days of summer as much as I have recently! The lazy days of sitting by the pool with a good book are winding down, and I’m happy to share with you that my TPT Store is now featuring several ‘Back to School’ and ‘TNReady’ lessons/materials.

Designing curriculum and aligning curriculum to our accountability structures is a hobby that I really enjoy when I have more time (ie summer). It has been really interesting to dig into the new TNReady curriculum; it’s much more rigorous than I expected.

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