Debunking the 7th Grade ELA TCAP


TCAP preparation season is quickly approaching for Tennessee educators. As a 7th grade Language Arts teacher, I know it can be maddening to search the DOE website to find Item Samplers, Practice Tests, and standards because of the influx of Common Core standards.



I’ve created a page that houses all TCAP related items produced by the state from the last few years. Some of the resources posted here are no longer available on the state’s website because of Common Core implementation. While the majority of these resources are targeted for 7th graders, there are also tests I’ve pulled from 8th grade that I’ve used in the past as extra practice for students.

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Anchor Charts

Take a look at the Anchor Charts page for posters to display in your middle school ELA classroom. These include: sentences starters & phrases for introducing evidence, strategies for reading comprehension, connections to make to texts, how to be specific in writing, and text features of informational texts.

Reading Strategies to Improve Comprehension Anchor ChartEvidence Anchor ChartBe Specific Anchor Chart