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A Christmas Carol: TNReady/ Common Core Aligned Lessons

A Christmas Carol PhotoOnly 3 weeks of instruction left until Christmas! In these final weeks, I’ve relied on A Christmas Carol to review and teach foundational literacy skills as a final review before exams. The text allows teachers to both build historical context around the Industrial Revolution and a complex text to analyze characters, language, structure, and theme, to name a few.


Middle School Writer PinterestI’ve highlighted two of my favorite lessons that make use of A Christmas Carol below. These lessons are aligned to Reading Literature and Writing Standards; they are scaffolded and rely on a catch and release model to help students master literacy content. There are even more lessons aligned to A Christmas Carol available on my Pinterest; visit by clicking the picture to the left.

Dynamic Character Development in A Christmas Carol
This lesson starts with a Do Now reviewing how to correctly include evidence in written response. The lesson provides a scaffolded approach to defining dynamic characters and analyzing them over the course of a text. This lesson requires the close reading of short excerpts from the play, which reinforces another foundational reading skill in TNReady/ Common Core.

Dynamic Character Development in A Christmas Carol


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Understanding Theme in A Christmas Carol
This lesson builds historical context around the setting of A Christmas Carol. Students view primary and secondary sources (embedded in this PPT) and respond in writing to prompts throughout the lesson. This lesson addresses Reading Literature and Writing Standards for TNReady and Common Core.

Theme in Christmas Carol TPT Products.jpg

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ELA Lessons for Middle School including TNReady and Common Core

Looking for Middle School ELA Lessons, Assessment, Motivational Tools, Anchor Charts, and More?

60+ Lessons for TNReady and Common Core Middle School Classrooms Including: Skill-Based Lessons, Project-Based Learning, Anchor Charts, Reading Strategies, Formative + Summative Assessments, and Writing Tasks


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This Pinterest Board includes all ELA Lessons and Links to the Plans, Assessments, and More!

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