New TNReady + CCSS Lessons, Anchor Charts, Assessments, & Projects for Middle School ELA

I’ve added lots of new products in the last month that align with TNReady and Common Core State Standards. Below are a few of my favorites:


TNReady Middle Grades ELA Jeopardy Review for RI & Writing

Overview: As you are approaching your first set up benchmark assessments for the year, use a fun and interactive game to review. This game of Jeopardy includes 5 categories of questions (based on passages) with 25-aligned TNReady ELA questions for Middle School. Push student rigor, get students immediately ready for TNReady by giving them immediate exposure to questions, and make it FUN!
Functionality: This bundle comes with the Jeopardy PowerPoint and student answer materials with directions, Jeopardy points, and passages.

  • Jeopardy PPT with 30 Slides
  • Jeopardy Board w/ Hyperlinks to all 25 questions (in 5 categories)
    • Passages are included before question sets and are also in student materials
    • 5 categories that cover Reading Informational Texts and Writing standards aligned for Middle Grades TNReady test administered in April 2016.

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Authors Craft + Rhetorical Devices Anchor Chart & Quick Reference for Students

Author's Craft Anchor Chart

★ An anchor chart that can be blown up and posted in your room
★ A one-page quick reference for students to use all year when analyzing authors craft and rhetorical devices.

★ 7 Rhetorical Devices Defined and Compared to a Tool
★ Purpose for each Rhetorical Device Clearly Explained
★ All 3 Sides of the Rhetorical Triangle Included & Labeled
★ Author’s Craft & Rhetorical Device Defined
★ RI 7.2, 7.5, 7.8, 7.9 (This can and should be used for middle and high schoolers alike.)

How do you teach students to trace and evaluate the argument in a text -or- analyze the structure of a text and how each section contributes to the central idea?

This is dense content, especially for middle schoolers; the standards covered are foundational CCCS (and/or TNReady) standards.

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