Research Based Classroom Solutions

Strategies for Motivating Students

Dan Pink says that motivation comes from three distinct facets of human need: mastery, autonomy, and purpose. In thinking about how to motivate students in a middle school classroom, there is also the interplay of social and cognitive development that can severely hamper student desire to expend effort or to pursue mastery in a content area. Carol Dweck and Dan Pink are the eminent scholars who have studied the constructs of motivation. Below is an overview of the theory around motivation and how to implement in a classroom. For more detailed information, this is a PPT (with audio narration on each slide) about student motivation and a paper with detailed research and pragmatic solutions.

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 11.27.31 AM

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Analysis and Critique of Global Teacher Preparation Programs

This paper analyzes to what extent teacher preparation programs are effective and what countries are most successful in preparing teachers. It also addresses the diversity of population, size of country, and cultural perceptions of teachers in drawing conclusions.

Global Philosophy Paper: Efficacy of Teacher Education Programs

Cultural Assessment of Student Subgroups: African American Males in Education

The goal of this paper was to explore a student subgroup to better understand how to target instruction for most effective learning outcomes. This paper addresses social, emotional, and cultural factors that may influence a student subgroup. Specifically, this paper analyzes African American Males in education. Using a body of peer-reviewed articles, I’ve included research about culture and best practices for working with African American males in education. This paper specifically focuses on literacy deficits and how to ameliorate these gaps with the aim of lessening the achievement gap.

Cultural Assessment Paper: Analyzing African American Males in Education

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